Skamol V1100 Reeded Effect: 610 x 997 x 16 mm
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Skamol V1100 Reeded Effect: 610 x 997 x 16 mm Summary

Skamol V1100 Reeded Effect: 610 x 997 x 16 mm

SKAMOLEX Panel Designs - Sheet Size 610 x 997 x 16 mm
Customized lining solutions for gasfires, fireplaces and stoves – up to 1100 °C (2012 °F)

SKAMOLEX panel designs is a new concept for lining gasfires, fireplaces and stoves. SKAMOLEX panels include a range of highly insulating refractory panels made of vermiculite containing no ceramic fibres. SKAMOLEX vermiculite panels are ideally suited for lining gasfires, fireplaces and stoves or as heat protection shielding.

SKAMOLEX Panel Designs The range of SKAMOLEX panel designs include six standard patterns ranging from traditional masonry look to three completely new designs matching current trends of today’s fires and stoves.

SKAMOLEX Panel Designs include: ƒ
  • Brickwall ƒ
  • Briquette ƒ
  • Cleaved Sandstone ƒ
  • Herringbone ƒ
  • Reeded ƒ
  • Diamond

What is vermiculite?
The SKAMOLEX panels are made from exfoliated vermiculite having excellent insulating properties. Vermiculite is the geological name given to a group of hydrated laminar minerals, which are aluminium-iron magnesium silicates. When subjected to sudden, intense heat vermiculite has the unique property of exfoliating. 

Benefits The versatility in design and shape gives you a multitude of high quality, customized lining solutions to choose from. Combined with the high temperature resistance this make the range of SKAMOLEX panel designs the obvious choice when you require an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for firebox lining.

High insulation capacity: Better combustion, cleaner waste gas
• Compared to for instance refractory bricks SKAMOLEX panels weigh less and have much better insulation capacity.
• Improved insulation has the effect of increasing the burning temperature in the firebox. With correct ventilation the higher burning temperature secures a complete combustion of the firewood resulting in cleaner waste gas. In view of the existing waste gas requirements this aspect contributes favourably to the approval of the stoves according to DIN 18891 and DS 887-1. High temperature in the firebox secures optimum utilisation of the firewood and maximum effect to the surroundings.

Low heat accumulation in lining materials
• Low specific heat and low weight of the SKAMOLEX panels minimize the quantity of heat needed for heating of the lining in the firebox. This means that once turned on the gasfire, fireplace or stove heats up quickly.
• In addition the SKAMOLEX panel is an excellent reflector.

Good thermal shock resistance
• SKAMOLEX panels are characterized by a good thermal shock resistance and withstand sudden cooling without cracking.
• The panels withstand repeated cooling without laminating. 
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