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Envirograf HW Enviro Water-Based Top Coat
HW Enviro Clear/White is a specially formulated, quick drying, water based protective top coating for INTERNAL smooth hardwood and softwood surfaces. It can be applied by brush, roller, or spray and it...
Envirograf HW Excel White Topcoat
Envirograf HW/Excel/White Topcoat A solvent based product to apply over HW01. Gives a high quality durable finish for internal & external use. Suitable for use on all types of timber substrate which leaves...
Envirograf HW Superb White Gloss Topcoat
Envirograf HW/Superb/White Topcoat HW Superb White is an innovative, water based, high sheen gloss, for use on interior and exterior wood. It looks, feels and applies like a traditional gloss, but is quick...
HW Premier White Topcoat
Envirograf HW/Premier/White Topcoat A water-based product to apply over HW01. A hardwearing white coating which is designed for high quality internal coating. Available in Matt and Satin finishes. For...
HW Ultimate White Topcoat
Envirograf HW/Ultimate/White Topcoat HW Ultimate white is a premium quality satin sheen finish that is suitable for interior and exterior use on wood. It provides a low odour, high opacity finish that...