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Fire Stopping Shop 22/08/2016
Crown Timonox Upgrade Basecoat is a water-based, high build coating which, in contact with the heat of fire, produces a thick intumescent layer, insulating and protecting the underlying combustible substrate. 

New & improved system upgrades class 4 surfaces to class 0 in just 3 coats.

1 coat of Crown Trade Timonox Upgrade Basecoat, followed by 2 coats of a Timonox Emulsion topcoat, are all it takes to offer protection against this rapid spread of flames. Providing the existing coatings are sound this simple system can restore a surface to the Class 0 rating required by legislation and can help by slowing down and limiting the spread of flames throughout a building, giving invaluable time for occupants to get to a place of safety.

Product benefits include: 

  • Forms part of a system to upgrade existing coatings to class 0
  • Cost effective fire safety solution for communal and access areas
  • Slows down the spread of flames
  • Buys time for occupants to get to safety
  • Reduces damage
  • Applies like conventional paint
  • New & improved system
  • Solvent free 
  • Timonox Upgrade Basecoat must be overcoated with a suitable Timonox finish

For further detailed information, please click on the product data sheets below.

Product Details

Application: Brush, Roller, Spray

Recoatable Time: 4-6 Hours
Spreading Rate: Up to 2.5m2/litre on smooth surfaces (must not be exceeded)
Pack Size: 5 Litres
Touch Dry: 1 Hour
Colour Range: White

Please click here for product data sheet
Please click here for material safety data sheet
Please click here for crown timonox brochure

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