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Envirograf HW Enviro Water-Based Top Coat
HW Enviro Clear/White is a specially formulated, quick drying, water based protective top coating for INTERNAL smooth hardwood and softwood surfaces. It can be applied by brush, roller, or spray and it...
Envirograf HW Excel Clear Topcoat
Envirograf HW/Excel/Clear Topcoat A solvent based internal product to apply over HW02 It is an easy to apply hard wearing topcoat which is ideal for general-purpose use offering good durability. There...
Envirograf HW Superb Clear Topcoat
Envirograf HW/Superb/Clear Topcoat A solvent based internal and external product to apply over HW02/E HW Superb Clear is a tough long lasting extra hard wearing solvent based top coat that offers a superb...