Fire Batt
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Fire Batt Summary

Fire Batt

abStop Fire Batt

1200 x 600 x 50mm board providing up to 4 hours fire rating

FabStop Fire Batt has been developed to create a barrier preventing the passage of fire and smoke between fire rated compartments providing up to 4 hours fire rating.  Designed to allow for the installation of services with ease.

 Tested to BS476 Part 20:1987

 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use without additional
   environmental protection   

  Coated both sides with a flexible sealant

*  Easy to use fibre free sealant 

 Standard 50mm thickness provides up to 4 hours fire protection      
    and 2 hours insulation  

*  Suitable for large openings in walls and floors with additional

The FabStop Fire Batt has a 1200 x 600 x 50mm 160kg/m3 stone fibre core coated with FabStop Sealant ablative sealant on both sides.  At normal temperatures the FabStop Fire Batt installed with FabStop Sealant remains flexible to permit thermal and mechanical movement of the services.  Both products are unaffected by oil, fungus, moisture and contain no halogens or asbestos. 

The FabStop Batt should be sealed with FabStop AM Intumescent Sealant.This is available in 310ml tube or in a trowel and spray grade format.  

Please click here for FabStop FB data sheet and application instructions.

This product is delivered with full health and safety information and data sheet.  All of our products are fully tested meeting the highest quality standards.




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