Firebreak Compound
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Firebreak Compound Summary

Firebreak Compound

Firebreak Compound 

Non-Loadbearing Fire Resistant Compound

10kg bag of Firebreak Compound.  A single pack material that, when mixed with water, provides a non loadbearing fire resistant smoke stop seal able to reinstate the fire resistance of separating walls and floors when penetrated by building services. It is tested and certified to meet the exacting requirements of BS 476: Part 20: 1987 and BS EN 1366-3: 2009


·         Safe: free of fibres, silica and halogens

·         Up to 4 hours fire resistance (integrity and insulation).  Can be used in wall and floor penetrations   
           to accommodate a variety of penetrating services

·         Easy to use: can be applied by trowel or poured into position

·         Does not require specialist equipment.  Simple mixing and application tools can be used and cleaned with 

·         Good surface finish

·         Does not shrink on setting and provides a rigid, gas-tight barrier to smoke, combustion gasses and halon 

·         Quick setting

·         Seals are easily drilled, and refilled, for later installation of services

·         Non-combustible

·         Long service life: maintenance free once installed correctly

·         Flexible seal designs, both with and without permanent shuttering

Firebreak Compound is a mixture of carefully selected inorganic materials and special additives that together provide fire resistance, mechanical strength and versatile workability. It is designed for use where a rigid, gas-tight seal is required around pipes, cables, trunking etc. passing through a fire compartment wall or floor.


Appearance:                           Off-white powder
Density:                                    Approximately 660 Kg/m3 as untapped, free-flowing powder. 
Approximately 860 Kg/m3 one month after application
Expansion:                               Less than 0.15% on setting
Thermal conductivity:            Less than 0.3 W.m-1.K-1
Chloride content:                    Zero
Compatibility with services: Excellent adhesion to concrete, metals and cables
Storage:                                    Firebreak Compound must be stored in dry conditions clear of the  
ground. Shelf life of 
an unopened bag is six months from date of 
Packaging:                               10 Kg bags
Health & Safety:                      See separate Material Safety Data Sheet

Firebreak Compound Data Sheet

Firebreak Compound Safety Data Sheet


£10.98 per 10kg bag inc VAT 


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