Flame Pro FP0 Class 0 Intumescent
FP0 Intumescent
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Flame Pro FP0 Class 0 Intumescent Summary

Flame Pro FP0 Class 0 Intumescent

                       FLAMEPRO FP0 Base Coat

A two pack waterbased clear furniture grade Class 0 intumescent for use on natural hard wood, MDF and veneered MDF.

It provides a superior finish to a standard intumescent which will protect the wood and highlight its natural beauty.

Pack Size:

5L pack consists of 2.5L of base coat & 2.5L catalyst sufficient                                                   for 40m2
10L pack consists of 5L of base coat & 5L catalyst sufficient                                                      for 80m2

Benefits include:

  • Up-grades to BS 476 Part 6 & 7 Class 0 spread of flame.
  • Two pack water-borne system.
  • Good flow & excellent film clarity.
  • Furniture grade finish, when over-coated with Flamepro FP7 topcoat.



Interior joinery & furniture.


FP7 Catalyst (9:1 mix)

FLAMEPRO FP7 Clear 10% Sheen
FLAMEPRO FP7 Clear 25% Sheen
FLAMEPRO FP7 Clear 35% Sheen
FLAMEPRO FP7 Clear 50% Sheen
FLAMEPRO FP7 Clear 90% Sheen


FP0 Catalyst (1:1 mix)



None Required




Conventional airless / airmix or HVLP spray equipment.


Revolutionary new Class 0 Lacquer which willUP-GRADE to Class 0 rating & offer properties not normally associated with intumescent coatings.


  • Fast drying
  • Exceptional over-coating times
  • Excellent clarity
  • Furniture grade finish (FIRA 6250 Severe Use) when over-coated with Clear Flamepro FP7 Top Coat

FLAMEPRO FP0 Base Coat is a clear Flame Retardant Intumescent Base Coat for natural hard wood, MDF and veneered MDF. It provides a finish which both protects the wood & highlights its natural beauty. It enables the designer to maintain the overall decorative effect required whilst complying with today’s building regulations for fire protection.


FLAMEPRO FP0 Base Coatis a two pack water-borne system. Mix ratio is 1:1 with the FLAMEPRO FP0 Catalyst.


Method of application onto un-finished solid timbers-2 easy steps:


Step 1

For best results,apply a "very lightcoat" of FLAMEPRO FP0 Base Coat (1:1 mix) to a WFT rate of of 4gms/per foot2 (40g per m2), 6-12 microns WFT. Allow to 20-30 minutes to tack off & sand to the desired quality standard.


Important: Film weights applied at over 12 microns will result in a loss of clarity.


Step 2

ApplyONE medium to heavy coatof FLAMEPROFP7 Top Coat (9:1 mix)at the WFT rate of 8gms/per foot2 (80g per m2), 50-70 microns WFT. Apply by conventional spray. Please allow the FP7 Top Coat to dry over-night & then check to the specified sheen level. IF a further coat is required to improve the finish, please leave 24 hours (at room temperatures) to dry before applying this additional coat. Heating may speed up these timings.


Important: No further coats should be applied as this could effect the formal fire certification.


Helpful advice: Where fast production schedules have to be met the FP7 Top Coat may be applied onto the FP0 Base Coat after 30 minutes (even if the base remains slightly tacky) - the addition of the top coat will speed up the cure reaction of the system & bond the two coats together. This is a unique feature of the ISF Flamepro System.

When coating pre-varnished materials:

Please apply a coat of 19670FP7(Pre Varnished) Isolator Sealer- this will not effect the rating of the system but will ensure adhesion of the FP0 Base Coat.This sealer creates an insoluble barrier between the FP0 and the pre-varnished material,after it has been applied it must be left to harden for 1 hour before being overcoated. Please conduct a cross hatch adhesion test before proceeding to ensure there is adequate adhesion - the ISF Laboratory will be happy to assist with this.

Additional guidelines…….


Pre-treatment with timber preservatives

Most proprietary brands of timber preservative are normally suitable, but a test area should be carried out prior to full application.


Stained Timber

Use the ISF 300 Range Light Fast Stains. Some very dark stains may appear very slightly cloudy when over coated with FLAMEPRO  FP0 Base Coat.To overcome this build coats gradually during application. Carry out a test area before proceeding.


Areas of high humidity

FLAMEPRO FP7 Top Coat is not recommended for use in areas of high humidity (i.e. bathroom environments) since the combination of heat and moisture may cause a premature breakdown of the coating.


Previously coated surfaces

FLAMEPRO FP0 Base Coat’s unique water-borne formulation enables it to be used on previously varnished surfaces with minimal preparation. Normally a light abrasion is sufficient to ensure adequate adhesion. Carry out a test area before proceeding. Please consult the ISF Technical Department before application.


External woodwork.

FLAMEPRO FP0 Base Coat is not suitable for outdoor use. Please consult the ISF Technical Department before application.


Health & Safety

Normal safety procedures for the application of water borne & solvent-based coatings should be carried out (Refer to Health and Safety Data Sheet).


Store the Base Coat above 7° Celcius.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the product is used within 3 months of purchase.

FLAMEPRO FP0 Intumescent System has been tested by The Warrington Research Associationto Class 0 rating to BS 476 Part 6 Ref WF163144 (March 2007) & also BS 476 Part 7 Ref 182676 (September 2010).

For further information & certification or advice of application onto pre-coated substrates, please contact us on 08450 538989.



Please ensure that the total system film thickness (DFT) does not exceed 150 microns. Always lightly sand between coats to assist adhesion. Please allow 28 days prior to testing to BS 476.



8 Sq.m/lt


1 hour


3 hours




5 hours




3 months


5 LT

PLEASE NOTE : FLAMEPRO FP0 Base Coat must be overcoated with FLAMEPRO FP7 Topcoat to comply with BS 476:Part 7 Class 1 and BS476:Part 6 Class O rating.

Should you require any assistance with your requirement then please do not hesitate to contact us on 08450 538989.  The short video below provides an informative guide to the Flamepro FP0 Base Coat and Flame FP7 Topcoat system.


All orders are usually despatched within 24hrs of receiving cleared payment (Mon - Fri). 

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