40mm Fabstop Pipe Collar
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40mm Fabstop Pipe Collar Summary

40mm Fabstop Pipe Collar

40mm Fabstop Pipe Collar 


Fabstop Pipe Collars are intumescent composite based on graphite intumescent and designed to provide high volume expansion and pressure seal.


Fabstop Pipe Collar is tested in accordance with EN 13501-2:2007+A1:2009 providing fire resistance for up to 2 hours when used on UPVC, PVC and Polypropylene. The Fabstop Pipe Collar is suitably used on pipes from 40mm up to 250mm diameter and are designed to:


  • Prevent the spread of fire, smoke and hot gases through a building by containing it in the compartment of origin.
  • Maintain the integrity of escape routes from a building.
  • Reduce loss or damage to property from the effect of fire and smoke.
  • Maintain pressure differential between compartment and ventilation channels.



The advantages of the Fabstop Pipe Collar are as follows:


  • Suitable for use within walls and floors either face mounted or internal.
  • Test standard – BS EN 1366-3:2004 Fire resistance for service installation. Penetration seals.
  • Allows thermal and mechanical movement of pipe.
  • Ease of fixing to suit pipe location (see table).
  • Halogen free, contains no asbestos, ceramic and is environmentally friendly.
  • Not effected by fungus, vermin or rodents.
  • Long life.


The FabStop Pipe Collar is made from a stainless-steel shell for maximum protection in a damp environment with fully waterproof intumescent liner. The pipe collars have been engineered to close plastic pipes as they pass through wall and floor. These can be either studwork or of a solid nature. If protection is required on both sides then 2 FabStop Pipe Collars should be fitted, one on each side of the building element.




40mm, 55mm, 63mm, 82mm, 110mm, 125mm & 160mm – Other sizes available on request.




Fire Resistance

Up to 2 hours – BS EN 13663-3:2004



Working Temperature

-20°C to + 140°C

Colour / Appearance





Installation details and technical support are available from our technical department.


Place Fabstop Pipe Collar around pipe, and hold into place using the side clasp ensuring the pipe collar is tightly in place by fixing the clasp back.


Fix using rawl bolts or heavy-duty screws ensuring all the 4 fixing lugs are fixed firmly into place (further details in the table below).







Fly Ash Block

75mm x M6 Anchor Bolts

Dense Engineering Bricks

40mm x M6 Anchor Bolts

Standard Bricks

50mm x M6 Anchor Bolts

Cast Lightweight Concrete

60mm x M6 Anchor Bolts

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40mm x M6 Anchor Bolts

Breeze Blocks

75mm x M6 Anchor Bolts

3mm + Steel

M6 bolts or drill and self tapping screw

Fire Rated Stud Walls

M8 spring toggles, or if collars are to be used on both sides bolt straight through

Fire Rated Curtains or Mineral Wool Systems

M6 bolts on a metal angle frame, which must be fixed securely to the surrounding substrate i.e. ceiling, wall or floor. See the system manufacturers


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