Remmers Aidol HK Stain
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Remmers Aidol HK Stain Summary

Remmers Aidol HK Stain


Remmers Aidol HK Stain

Decorative, liquid wood preservative stain for use 


This stain has been awarded the quality mark "RAL Wood 
Preservative" after official evaluation of its effectiveness against wood pests and of its safeness for health and the environment when used properly.  

Directions: Aidol HK Stain can be applied by brush, dipping and flow coating. Spraying is only permitted in closed facilities. The stain is ready to use after thorough stirring or shaking. Remove old coatings such as thick-layer stains and finishing paints as well as bark and bast. The wood must be clean and dry. Apply the stain with a soft brush in the direction of the grain. After drying (approx. 12 hours), apply a second coat. In the case of oak, a coat of clear stain is recommended as a primer. Check the colour on the respective wood surface with a trial coating.

Renovation coats: the substrate must be clean and dry.  It can be re-coated without sanding or stripping. Close opened containers tightly after use; use the contents as soon as possible. Permissible wood moisture for soft wood is 25% (maximum) and for hardwood 20% (maximum).

Coverage: approximately 50m2 per 5 Litre

Note: HR-Prof or FabShield IPW Flame Retardant should be applied before the Aidol HK Stain.



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