A flame retardant is a substance that prevents or inhibits the outbreak of fire.

Highlighted Product For Internal & Enternal Timber:

HR-Prof has non-flammable properties which restrict ignition and the spread of flame. The product is easy to apply, possessing high diffusion properties, quickly penetrating the surface of the substrate. Certification: BS EN 13823 & BS EN 11925-2 SBI Euro class B-s1-d0 (equivalent to UK Class 0, BS467:Part6 & BS476:Part7). HR-Prof has been tested on numerous timbers including Pine, Spruce and Larch. It can also provide surface spread of flame on 12mm Birch Plywood.  This product also boasts the added benefit of testing to the rigorous NT053/NT054 accelerated weathering standard. The weathering test was for 1000 hours including wetting, drying and UV light which is equivalent to approximately 15 years in use. Once the product is absorbed into the surface and dried it will not naturally be washed out during this period and will normally last for the expected life cycle of the timber cladding, provided that the timber remains in good condition. Click on the products below to find out more about our fully tested range of flame retardants available.