Nullifire have a range of  primers to protect steel against corrosion and prepare the surface prior to the application of the Nullifire System S intumescent basecoat. 

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HB420 Primer
Manor HB420 QD Hi Build Primer Zinc Phosphate Primer. An economical, general purpose, quick drying, high build phosphate shop primer for general sheet metal fabrication and structural steel work. Used...
Nullifire PM015 Aluminium Epoxy Primer
Description Nullifire PM015 Aluminium Epoxy Primer is a high-build, low temperature curing modified aluminium epoxy mastic. Nullifire PM015 provides unequaled levels or barrier protection and corrosion...
Nullifire S620 Zinc Phosphate Primer - 20L
Nullifire S620 Zinc Phosphate Primer Zinc Phosphate Primer. General purpose, single pack zinc phosphate primer. This ''inhibitive primer'' chemically reacts with the steelwork to create a corrosion resistant...
PM020 Nullifire High Build Alkyd Primer
Fast drying, single pack modified alkyd primer. PM020 provides corrosion protection on structural steel. Well suited for fabrication shops that need fast cure to dry and handle time. Finish Matt Colour...