Firesteel Classic 120 - 20L
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Firesteel Classic 120 - 20L Summary

Firesteel Classic 120 - 20L

Firesteel Classic 120
Intumescent Coating For Structural Steelwork

Firesteel Classic 120 is a third generation solvent based paint to fire protect structural steel for up to 2 hours. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Internal steels will not require a top seal for normal internal conditions, for external use two coats of suitable top seal are required. Firetherm can recommend suitable top seal systems based upon the environment it is for use in. 

How it works

Firesteel is an INTUMESCENT coating. This means that in the event of a fire, the coating expands from between 1 - 2mm up to 100mm by a series of chemical reactions triggered by the heat of the fire. These processes do not start until around 220o C.

This thick durable layer insulates structural steel from the heat of even the most severe fire and its associated turbulent air currents and has been tested at Warrington Fire Research and other international test stations at 1100o C for up to 2 hrs to BS476 Pt 21.

Where Firesteel Classic 120 can be used.

Firesteel has been tested extensively and can be used on most types of structural members including ‘I’ section beams and columns, hollow section members, lattice beams, cast iron and semi-exposed steelwork. For unusual constructions, Firetherm’s Technical Department will calculate the Hp/A value to provide an assessment. Firetherm Technical Department can also undertake Fire Engineering reports for larger projects.

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