E-Series Watermist Fire Extinguisher
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E-Series Watermist Fire Extinguisher Summary

E-Series Watermist Fire Extinguisher

Advanced E Series watermist fire extinguishers appreciate the need to protect against life-changing fires, swiftly and efficiently, without risk to property  or people. We understand that losing equipment or property is a catastrophe, but to have it destroyed by the suppression agent is equally undesirable; this is why we distribute only the most revolutionary fire suppression  technology. A pioneer in the fire & safety industry, the E-Series hand-held fire extinguisher is the first of its kind. Based upon innovative, Dry Water Mist technology, the all-in-one; E-Series Fire Extinguisher is capable of extinguishing the spectrum of every-day fires, including classes A, B, C, E, and F; a technology unchallenged in the marketplace.

Revolutionary in the protection against multiple risks, the E-Series is especially effective in the extinguishing of Class B (Liquid), Electrical and Class F (Fat) Fires. Its patented Dry Water Mist contamination-free agents are ideal for use in clean environments and food production areas.

Why Mist is one of the Safest Agents for a Fire Fighter to use:

The Dry Water Mist agent used in the E-Series fire extinguisher is non-toxic and safe for discharge in highly populated areas and where prolonged exposure is likely. Once activated, the Mist prevents the fire from spreading by forming a  'mist curtain' around the fire source, protecting the surrounding area  and any personnel within the vicinity. By removing the oxygen and its fuel source (free radicals) the fire calms and is extinguished; the continued cooling effects of the mist prevent the fire from re-igniting. The engineering behind the Dry Water Mist makes use of a significantly lower volume of water throughout the extinguishing process, removing the risk of water saturation or further collateral damage to the source area. The E-Series operates at 12 bar pressure. The watermist fire extinguisher has been fully approved by BSI and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

Model Number








Fire Ratings:

E, 5F

8A, 13B, E, 25F

13A, 21B, E, 75F

Safe For Use On

E, F

A, B, C, E, F

A, B, C, E, F

Charged Weight

2.9 Kg

7 Kg

11.5 Kg

Operating Pressure

12 BAR

12 BAR

12 BAR

Height Of Ext.

402 mm

525 mm

585 mm


110 mm

161 mm

183 mm

Discharge Time

12.5 S

32 S

65 S

Discharge Distance

1.5 m

2.1 m

2.6 m


When the extinguisher is activated the fire is put out by a mist curtain that forms around the fire source protecting the surrounding area and people in the vicinity. The mist acts to remove oxygen and other combustible gases from the fuel source and after the fire is extinguished the mist has superior cooling effects that ensure that the fire continues to cool; preventing re-ignition.

There is almost no collateral damage after discharge because the water turns to steam as it attacks the fire leaving nothing of the agent to dispose of. This makes cleaning and re-commissioning both quick and easy, unlike some other agents that although effective in putting out the fire leave the affected area almost destroyed and with the extinguishing agent to dispose of, adding extra costs to your operations.

100% safe for use on wood, paper, textiles, flammable liquids and fat fire fires. Also, safe for use on electrical equipment up to 35kv. This is because the water droplets created by the E series fire extinguishers are so small that electricity will not travel through them. Our water mist extinguisher contains only deionised water which cannot transmit electrical current. The E series has been di-electrically tested with 35000 Volts or 35kv (kilovolts).


Where will I find the E-Series watermist fire extinguishers?   

The E-Series Portable Fire Suppression Unit is ideal for the following applications:

-  Archive Specialists

-  Art Galleries

-  Care Homes

-  Cinemas

-  Education (Universities and Colleges)

-  Food Production (Factories and Bakeries)

-  Hospitals

-  Hotels (catering and general)

-  Pharmaceuticals

-  Private Healthcare Providers

-  Leisure Centres / Gymnasiums

-  Laboratories

-  Libraries

-  Museums

-  National Trust Properties

-  Nursing Homes

-  Opticians

-  Prisons

-  Restaurants (Catering)

-  Retailers

-  Vetinary Surgeries

The most environmentally friendly mixed risk fire extinguisher on the market!

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  • Our Watermist extinguishers operate at 12 bar pressure. Some extinguishers like c02 operate at 55bar and are highly pressurized containers. There is a lot of noise on discharge that can be alarming to the untrained user. Discharge time for a c02 extinguisher is just 11 seconds.
  • Our extinguishers cover many classes of fire ABCEF and therefore reduce the risk of putting the wrong extinguisher on the wrong class of fire.
  • Due to the low micron size water droplets the mist works exceptionally well at clearing smoke and most people that die in fire related incidents do so because of inhaling smoke as they are trying to escape rather than actually being caught up in the fire.
  • The mist curtain that forms during discharge is just pure water and therefore safer than breathing in CO2 gases or fluorosurfactants that exist in foam, dust that spreads from powder discharges and other chemicals that exist in wet chemical extinguishers.




  • All component parts of the extinguishers are 100% recyclable
  • The exceptional performance of the extinguishers at clearing smoke improves the environment quickly using just pure water without any additives.
  • Legislation will increase and continue to be the driver and as environmental concerns gather pace you have an opportunity to lead the way in reducing your carbon footprint with this next generation of portable fire fighting cylinders.




  • The total number of extinguishers may be reduced as the water mist extinguishers cover many different classes of fire risk.
  • The reduction in extinguishers used can lead to savings on service and maintenance costs.
  • Costs for disposal of agents contained in AFFF Foam, C02 and Wet Chemical extinguishers can be eliminated.
  • Costs for collateral damage after discharging Foam Powder c02 or Wet Chemicals can be reduced as the mist formed by our new technology turns to steam and evaporates as it extinguishes the fire.
  • Your property and goods are less damaged due to the mist evaporating during a real fire and as a result any downtime can be minimised.
  • Training can be simplified with less time involved. Disputes on claims with insurance companies against your company for misuse of extinguishers on fires can be reduced leading to lower premiums?
  • Overall insurance premium costs may be further reduced as you are demonstrating costs savings in a number of areas within your business.

Watermist FAQs

What is water mist?

Dry water Mist is a new advanced development, enabling a fire extinguisher to apply water droplets as small as 25 Microns in diameter, allowing many of droplets to be produced with small amounts of water.

What is Micron Size?

A Micron is a unit of measurement that measures less than 0.001mm in diameter.

How many droplets are produced from your fire extinguishers?

Our fire extinguishers produce over 22 billion droplets of water from 1L of water, giving them incredible fire extinguishing power, regardless of which size of water mist extinguisher you use.

Why is water mist safe to use on different types of fire?

The  water mist droplets are so small, they prevent electricity from travelling through it – allowing the extinguisher to be used on Electrical Fires. As the impact of the droplets is so miniscule, the extinguishers can be used on flammable liquids and the deadly F Class fires without the danger of a flashback to the user, and as normal, the cooling effect of the water will extinguish Class A Fires (flammable textiles / solids etc).

How does water mist work?

The E-Series water mist fire extinguisher works by eliminating one or more sides of the fire triangle, extinguishing the fire and preventing re ignition in most cases.

What is the fire triangle?

The Fire Triangle - This shows the 3 elements that are required for a fire to ignite. Remove any 1 of these elements and the fire will be extinguished.

How do fires start?

Heat is applied to combustible material, the temperature of the material rises and free radicals begin to form.

Free radicals and gases become airborne, and begin to bond with oxygen in the air. Once there is a sufficient amount of gas formed, it ignites (Pyrolysis).

The gases burn, generating heat and forming more free radicals and therefore, more gas.

 What are free radicals?

Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that have at least one unpaired electron and are therefore unstable and highly reactive.

How is the fire extinguished?

The extinguisher is activated, removing 2 of the 3 Fire Triangle Elements. Heat is removed via the mist droplets and the oxygen particles via the steam.

The fire is extinguished. Steam (inert) formed by the mist during extinguishing continues to evaporate, dissipating the heat and oxygen from the fire source, cooling the material to prevent re-ignition.

Is there any collateral damage after discharge?

There is very little collateral damage after discharge, as described previously, the mist turns to steam and evaporates, both preventing re-ignition from cooling and suffocating the fire whilst maintaining a specific density in the air to allow you and those around you to breathe normally.

What are the advantages of water mist?

Water mist has many advantages over conventional methods;

-          The extinguishers are safer to use as the agent is pure water with no additives and no fluorosurfactants.

-          Water mist extinguishers can reduce the risk of making mistakes by using the wrong extinguisher on different classes of fire. The versatility of the E-Series makes staff training much easier.

-          The extinguishers are exceptional at clearing smoke and most people that are killed in fire related incidents do so from inhaling smoke as they try to escape rather than actually being caught up in the fire.

-          When the fire is being extinguished the mist evaporates into steam, any collateral damage is also completely removed. This also means that these extinguishers can be used in a confined space, without risk to anyone in the surrounding area.

-          The use of water means that the E-Series discharge is 100% environmentally friendly  and can greatly help to reduce your companies carbon footprint.

What are the suitable situations to use water mist in?

The E-Series portable fire extinguisher is at its best in internal environments where there is a prolonged exposure to different fire risks. It can be used in most situations, excluding those where the fire is being caused by self-oxygenating metals (Titanium, Magnesium, Lithium etc).

Are your E-Series extinguishers Kitemarked?

The E-Series extinguishers are Kitemarked.



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