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Acrylic Intumescent Sealant
F abStop AM Acrylic Intumescent Sealant A single part intumescent white acrylic sealant. It provides a barrier to smoke and fire for up to 4 hours. During a fire, the intumescent reacts to develop a char...
Pressed Steel Face Plates
Steel Louvered Face Plate Pressed Steel Louvered Face Plates Starting at: 4.37 Description Pressed steel louvered face plates are made in 50mm increments ranging from 100mmx100mm and are normally 30mm...
Intumescent Fire Grille
Intumescent Fire Grilles Fireplug FPG Intumescent Grilles- 60 minute fire rating Starting at: 11.60 Description Fireplug FPG Intumescent Grilles are made to order so can be supplied in any size. Fireplug...
Surface Mounted Intumescent Grilles
Surface Mounted Intumescent Grilles Product Code: FPGV - FirePlug Grille Vision FPGNV - FirePlug Grille Non Vision Each Single Pack Includes: 2 x grills (face plates) 1 x back plate (intumescent) Each...