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Acrylic Intumescent Sealant
F abStop AM Acrylic Intumescent Sealant A single part intumescent white acrylic sealant. It provides a barrier to smoke and fire for up to 4 hours. During a fire, the intumescent reacts to develop a char...
Intumescent Fire Grille
Intumescent Fire Grilles Fireplug FPG Intumescent Grilles- 60 minute fire rating Starting at: 11.60 Description Fireplug FPG Intumescent Grilles are made to order so can be supplied in any size. Fireplug...
Pressed Steel Face Plates
Steel Louvered Face Plate Pressed Steel Louvered Face Plates Starting at: 4.37 Description Pressed steel louvered face plates are made in 50mm increments ranging from 100mmx100mm and are normally 30mm...
Surface Mounted Intumescent Grilles
Surface Mounted Intumescent Grilles Product Code: FPGV - FirePlug Grille Vision FPGNV - FirePlug Grille Non Vision Each Single Pack Includes: 2 x grills (face plates) 1 x back plate (intumescent) Each...