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Envirograf Intumescent Cement Filler
Envirograf Intumescent Cement Filler is a ready-mixed intumescent cement filler that sets hard without cracking. In a fire the intumescent filler will expand 5 times its original volume. Tube Size: 310ml...
EP/CP Intumescent for Plasterboard
Envirograf EP/CP Intumescent for Plasterboard - 5 Litres EP/CP is an intumescent water based coating. Allow to dry thoroughly. Dries in about 30 minutes. Description A white or coloured aqueous dispersion...
EP/CP/P Primer for Plasterboard
Envirograf EP/CP/P Primer for Plasterboard EP/CP/P adhesion primer is a water-based clear primer applied before the EP/CP intumescent coating , only if the surface has a gloss finish. Coating rate 1 coat,...
HW AEC Topcoat for Plasterboard
Envirograf HW AEC Top Coat for Plasterboard A HW/Acrylic is a hardwearing and flexible topcoat. This coating is excellent for areas that require high levels of durability and flexibility where movement...