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Protecta FR Acrylic 310ml
Protecta FR Acrylic is the top selling fire rated mastic in our selection of products. The reason is that it has been developed and tested so that it can be used in nearly all fire-stopping situations...
Protecta FR Coating For Boards 8Ltr
Protecta FR Coating spray grade, is an ablative sealant coating designed to enhance, seal and fire protect mineral fibres. It is based on a durable polymer system with inert fillers, non-halogenated fire...
Protecta FR Graphite
Protecta FR Graphite is a water based fire classified sealing compound that contains a high concentration of heat expanding graphite material. This compound may be used in more extreme transits than FR...
Protecta FR IPT Sealant 310ml Box 25 Tubes
FR IPT is a high performance fire rated sealant, professional quality, one part ready to use sealant and adhesive. Based on an innovative new Inert Polymer Technology it is suitable for a wide variety...